Art 415 Demo Arm Rig

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The demo rig shown above is part of my presentation showcase that displays a model of a simple arm with a rig attached. It has nurb controllers (the blue rings) to make it easier to control the joints and a IK handle located to the right with a orange-brown line, this is use to make the arm bend realistically.

In my presentation, I will demo how to make a rigged arm, but i will not add the nurb controllers and IK handle because i only have 20 minutes to present. I want to make sure I have enough time to create the model and rig it.


Art 415 Thesis

Animation is the process of making an object come to life, the motion of the object has more unique qualities than a static one, and vice versa. Adding human characteristics creates new elements that can produce different outcomes. By creating an animation with an object that has human characteristics, I will present one of these outcomes.

Response to Rosalind Krauss’s “Sculpture in the Expanded Field”

This one was a hard read for me so this is what i think Krauss is trying to say in my own words. What i think Krauss is saying is that objects of the earth (rocks, logs, etc.) are all sculptures already but are not named that because they do not represent something related to history that gives it a meaning to be called sculptures. Krauss later uses a diagram to show how sculptures relate to other things that are not art related, more so to show how a sculpture becomes art with these outside elements put together.

Response to “An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth” by Bruce Mau

The title of this manifesto is truly what is means, growth. Mau list each of his points on what growth should be for someone or how to grow. What i got from this read is try to evolve what you are already good at, to improve what you already know and gain new knowledge, work with others to improve your ideas or even see a new perspective on it. When working on a project start somewhere random so that you do not get stuck thinking about where to start and asking questions you already know can make you gain new insight on it.

Response to “Foreword”

What i got from reading Foreword was that it talks about art being separated into distinct categories like painting, drawing, sculpting, etc. This started during the renaissance era with easel paintings becoming popular and soon creating these categories, schools soon followed with this mindset and are still present to this day. Marcel Duchamp soon broke this hierarchy by embracing unity with image, object, and space, which i think, expand on creativity as, categorizing different types of art could restrict on creativity and does not evolve art.

Make it Interesting Project

The project’s goal was to get an object and make it interesting.

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COAL: The documentary by EarthFix

STREETS – NEW YORK CITY from Tim Sessler

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