Search For Life 2 Animation

Here is my completed animation i have been working on for about 2 semesters, total number of frames in this animation are about 1220 and i used 14 cameras (some cameras reused). In order to complete this animation i had to do tutorial work on how to make a biped rig, without learning this skill i would not be able to use my two legged robot in this animation. Even thought as an animator, learning how to rig is not part of the job, i believe learning the technical part of animation is good knowledge to know.

Even though this animation has somewhat of story. the overall focus of making this animation was gaining skills and overall practicing these skills.


Search for Life Scene #2 Animation

This is my second scene of my animation Search for Life, when creating this scene I animated more actions into this character than the last one because i wanted to try something new and make my animation more interesting. I was able to render my animation using a free render called 3delight. Overall it was fun and challenging making this scene because i got out of my comfort zone to try something new and i worked out for me. Total frames in this scene are 864, using 5 cameras.

Art 415 Thesis Statement

Animation is used to tell a story, but lacking the mechanics of animation can hinder the story. Rigging is one of the mechanics of animation that applies a skeleton to geometry which allows it to be manipulated. Even though a story in an animation can be the main focus, without knowing or improving the mechanics of animation can stop the concept of story creation. By creating a full body biped rig that has been implemented into a character, this will give knowledge on how to animate a biped rig in an animation, which will enable a continuation of a working story.