Animation Project: Search for Life 2 – Intro

Here is a playblast for my intro Search for Life 2, since it is a playblast you will be able to see the rig on my robot that i have created. Total frames used were 490 and whole intro animation is 20 seconds.

Also below is two rendered images of my intro animation.




What is Next

I should now be starting my animation, since i have learned some of skill sets needed for me to start, I will first be working on my hoving robot and model objects needed for my introduction scene.

Point A to B walk cycle playblast, this will likely be used in my final animation with my bipedal robot.


The image above is the start of my introduction storyboard for my story, the scene starts with my hoving robot.

Walk Cycle #2

This is my second attempt on a walk cycle, i used a different tutorial from George Maestri called Character Animation Locomotion, as well as the model used in the tutorial. This walk cycle is a lot more smoother than my previous walk cycle because it adds more movement of the body, but one issue i can see is that the animation has a slight pause towards the ending of the walk cycle that is bugging me.

File Link

WalkCycle #1

Here is my very first walk cycle i did, the model is from baqstudio ( and the tutorial that helped me make the cycle is here (

The walk cycle is pretty complicated because there is a lot of movement going on in the human body, because of this you have to study how the human body moves in detail so you can mirror it in your walk cycle.

Art 415 Demo Arm Rig

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 1.54.51 PM

Download Link

The demo rig shown above is part of my presentation showcase that displays a model of a simple arm with a rig attached. It has nurb controllers (the blue rings) to make it easier to control the joints and a IK handle located to the right with a orange-brown line, this is use to make the arm bend realistically.

In my presentation, I will demo how to make a rigged arm, but i will not add the nurb controllers and IK handle because i only have 20 minutes to present. I want to make sure I have enough time to create the model and rig it.

Art 415 Thesis

Animation is the process of making an object come to life, the motion of the object has more unique qualities than a static one, and vice versa. Adding human characteristics creates new elements that can produce different outcomes. By creating an animation with an object that has human characteristics, I will present one of these outcomes.