Biped Walkcycle

Here is a little walk cycle i did for my biped robot for an upcoming animation i am doing.


Art 415 Thesis Statement

Animation is used to tell a story, but lacking the mechanics of animation can hinder the story. Rigging is one of the mechanics of animation that applies a skeleton to geometry which allows it to be manipulated. Even though a story in an animation can be the main focus, without knowing or improving the mechanics of animation can stop the concept of story creation. By creating a full body biped rig that has been implemented into a character, this will give knowledge on how to animate a biped rig in an animation, which will enable a continuation of a working story.

What is Next

I should now be starting my animation, since i have learned some of skill sets needed for me to start, I will first be working on my hoving robot and model objects needed for my introduction scene.

Point A to B walk cycle playblast, this will likely be used in my final animation with my bipedal robot.


The image above is the start of my introduction storyboard for my story, the scene starts with my hoving robot.